Robot Lawn Mower Brands

A relatively new technology is starting to really catch on across the UK. You’ll see a strange plastic box making its way across a neighbours lawn, or a home you’re walking past, and it can look a little bizarre at first glance. What you’re observing is a new phenomenon called an automatic mower – more commonly known as robot lawn mowers.

There are several major brands that have got in on the act – and it’s such a fast growing market that they’re even now seen in the bigger B&Q lawn care departments alongside regular mowers. On this page, we’re going to take a look at some of the more common robot lawn mower brands, to give you an idea of what to look for.


Probably the biggest brand of push mower in the country (sorry, we didnt bother to confirm that statistic!), Flymo have also managed to put together a really popular robot mower too – the 1200R. In their trademark orange, this robotic lawnmower sells a lot of units every day, as it’s the most common one that you’re likely to see in stores and online, unless you really dig in and find specialist outlets. That’s almost entirely down to the Flymo brand – much as people joke about their Flymo doing anything but fly, they’re a staple in garages up and down the land.


A relative unknown until a few short years ago, Worx have released a range of ‘Landroid’ branded mowers. Unlike Flymo’s one size fits all approach, Worx are targeting people who know what they want – often determined by lawn size. Of course, the bigger the lawn, the bigger the benefit of an automatic mower, so the higher price tags are no surprise. In the truest sense – this is DIY lawn care made easy.

Robo Mow

Robo Mow mowers (say that ten times fast!) do exactly what they say on the tin. You have probably realised already that they created their company specifically to address the robot mower market – and that’s exactly what they’ve done. The popularity of their mowers has been a little up and down – they’ve not got the marketing punch of companies like Flymo but after a strong arrival followed by a bit of a fall back, they’re now holding their own, carving out a defined customer base in the mowing and lawn care space.


McCulloch is one we’d not heard a lot about until recently, but they’ve managed to position themselves as the B&Q rival brand stocked next to Flymo. They’re a bit more expensive, and probably a little better, but not quite up to the standard os the Worx Landroid range.


Drawing a very similar comparison to Flymo, Bosch have their Indego mower which sells well off the Bosch brand. Arguably not as well thought out, designed and built as the Flymo, people familiar with Bosch power tools are likely to be drawn to their mowers out of brand loyalty. For me, they’d be better with a Flymo if they’re brand led, but they’re unlikely to be reading this site if so, hence tagging them in at the end as a bit of a footnote!

As top 5’s go, there as quite a variation in these brands – only 2 of the big 5 are ones you’re likely to recognise if you’re new to the market, something that reflects the fact that we’re talking about emerging technology.