A Guide To ‘DIY’ Lawn Care

Some people think that lawn care can only be properly handled by the professionals, but this is anything but true. As long as you are at least remotely informed and aware of the different issues that are important to overall lawn care and health, then you should have no troubles at all and you can save yourself time and money by DIY lawn care.

Caring for your lawn is not difficult at all as long as you have and are willing to spend the time and effort that is required. There are a few basic do it yourself lawn care suggestions that are important to know in order to have the healthiest and most beautiful lawn possible and without having to call in a lawn care professional.

Do It Yourself Lawn Care Tips & Tricks

When it comes to lawn maintenance, one of the most important steps is mowing. You need to make sure that you mow your lawn regularly, and that you leave the lawn clippings on your lawn after mowing, as this provides a fantastic source of slow-release nitrogen for your grass. Elsewhere on this site we give away a simple way to make mowing effort a thing of the past – it’s really easy and not as expensive as people think – especially when you consider the man hours saved walking up and down the lawn!

Watering is also crucial, and you need to apply at least 2.5cm of water per watering, and this can be measured by placing a container on the lawn while it is being watered, as long as you make sure to distribute the water across the lawn evenly. Remember that excessive watering is just as bad as under watering, as it can lead to poor growing conditions and disease problems.

Fertilizer – Feed The Grass

Another of the most important do it yourself lawn care tips involves fertilizing the grass with nutrients. Compost is definitely one of the best fertilizers, and generally works well on all lawns. It is a fertilizer which will not only add organic matter to your lawn but as well will supply both major and secondary nutrients to your lawn, which are needed for proper and healthy growth.

Aerating is another crucial process in lawn care, and this is what allows your lawn to receive a better flow of water, air and fertilizer, as well as vital nutrients that come from the plant roots, allowing them to grow more easily through the soil. You need to aerate your lawn when you notice that the ground is hard and compacted, thatch is building up, or when water does not penetrate well when you irrigate.

By taking into consideration these and other DIY lawn care tips, you will able to start and maintain a beautiful and healthy lawn all by yourself, without having to spend time and money on bringing professionals in to do the job for you.

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